Vintage Postcard East India


The East India Vintage Postcard Tin comes in the signature fragrance, Indian Sandalwood.

The Vintage Postcard Tins are seamless distressed tins with matching lids, decoupaged with a replica of a time worn vintage postcard. They are made from a dark non-welded tin, with a dark sealed interior and a verdigris-like patina. These candles are three inches by four inches tall and have one wick.  The candle is hand poured in Georgia, by experienced candle makers, with ten ounces of a clean burning, United States grown, fragranced soy wax blend with a high-quality fragrance compound oil.  The distinctive fragrances are saturated with layers of nuance, complex and intricate, and are designed to evoke a particular time and place, triggered by memories and nostalgia.   The vessels are individually created by artists all over the world. Every candle is crafted in small batches in the studio, by artisans with meticulous attention to details from mixing of the ingredients, hand pouring the wax, and boxing the candles.  This candle should give approximately fifty hours of burn time.  

Description:  10 oz | approximately 50 hours of burn | 3” x 4”

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