Mars 266 Jigsaw Puzzle


Only 2 pieces in stock!

This puzzle is the first in a brand new line of planet puzzle collaborations with watercolor artist Erin Darling ( Bewilderness Puzzles combined Erin's beautiful painting with Whitney's creative cut pattern design to bring you 266 pieces of something unique and awesome!

Mars has always captivated our imaginations as home to unknown alien life and, especially in recent history, a frontier for human exploration. The special whimsy pieces in this puzzle nod to these themes, and the overall cut design is intended to evoke an "alien" feel. We really hope you enjoy exploring Mars in puzzle form!

These are the whimsy pieces you'll find inside:

  • -A tentacled alien
  • -A Roman helmet (for the god Mars)
  • -The Mother Ship from Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • -NASA's Curiosity rover
  • -SpaceX's Starship rocket

The puzzle has about an 11.3" diameter, so the finished product only takes up about a square foot of space. Each puzzle comes within a zippered bag, wrapped in tissue, inside a pretty, glossy box with magnetic closure. All Bewilderness puzzles are made with love in a little workshop in Washington State, USA.

Each puzzle is one-of-a-kind, unfortunately this makes it impossible to replace missing pieces that happen over the course of ownership. So please watch those crafty dogs, kids, and couch cushions! Also, keep in mind that Bewilderness puzzles may have some very small pieces, so they're not for kids under 3.

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