Crystal Acrylic LED Table Lamp


This is a new type of lighting that transforms the light source itself. Thin sheets of LED stripes are carefully molded into a beautiful and dynamic sculpture. Each light is hand-sculpted by an artist using thermoforming techniques, allowing optical grade acrylic sheets to be sculpted while still in their hot plastic state. When LEDs are diffused across the acrylic sheets, their luminescent output is amplified, resulting in an infinite set of silhouettes and sizes. Bending like light rays themselves, the lamp gives an architectural effect to the way a light source normally emits luminescence, delineating space and creating a ghostly ambiance whether used as an accent, divider, or centerpiece.

Colors: White
Materials : Acrylic
Measurements: 15.7"L x 15.7"W x 23.6"H 
Power Source: Wall Plug
Cord Length: 8'
Voltage: 100-240V
Bulb Type: LED — Bulb Included: Integrated
Wattage: 12W
Lumens: 1200

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